Brinkley Yeomans with a Bar-B-Q pig from Yellow Poles                          
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Lauren Page with her 7 point taken with her 22-250                          
Justen with his FIRST Pig.. 185#                              
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Finis Page with a ? 6 point or a 3 ?                            
Finis Page again with a BIG 4point                          
  SOMEHOW... This buck took a .50 cal behind the shoulder and ran nearly a mile. thank heaven Bunnie put us on him.                          
Dustin (With a "D") Kills his First pig with a Bow                              
Lauren and Her Daddy.. Hunting during archery season.                              
Dustin and Luis take advantage of the special authorized Doe hunt !                                
Erik Taylor Scores Big on his FIRST Hog. 192# dropped in his tracks with a well placed neck shot from his .243                            
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Dan Smith with a #162 Boar Hog                              
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