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 Tanner Wooten Smokes a Big Boar Erik Taylor Kills his FIRST Hog.. and a BIG one !
 Brinkley Yeomans.. Smokes dinner.  Justin Forrester Kills his FIRST Hog... Another BIg one!
 Eagles and Coyotes at the bone yard  Our Resident Bear's leg looks broken ?
 Dan Smith Kills a #182 Boar Hog  Kelly Yeomans Kills a #150 Boar Hog
 See-Saw Turkeys  Nice Buck, A little TOOOO far
 Pig Vs. 25-06  Pig Vs. 50 black powder muzzle loader
 Devil Horns  Run away !!!!
 July Bucks  Luis' Bow Hunt
Miscellaneous Bucks MORE...Miscellaneous Bucks
 Still pics of the bear  The sand road spike
Sixer.. The Fox Lane Six point..  The Swine Brigade
 Mike is LOST... Bree and Bullseye ?

 Dan Testing SST Bullets in the 7 Mag.

Kelly's first hog with My dad's .243

Young bucks at my job.

HINT: This is what they eat in early season

Brinkley and Emily, with Emily's first hog

On a trail NEAR a feeder


 Varmint hunting in Florida ?

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