Finis Page

  Big Pig Leader WINNER            

Dan Smith takes over the Big Pig contest at 182#


 Kelly Yeomans Kills another big pig to TIE the contest at 150#


 Finis Page does it AGAIN.. Mid January 7 pt.


 Finis Page with ANOTHER Fine 8pt.


 Mitch Smith 5 Pt. ( .300 win mag)


 Brinkley Yeomans - First Deer... Congrats Brinkley (7mm-08)


 Ted Rush Spike (.280)

Big Buck WINNER 106" B&C

 Finis Page 8 point   (.270)


 Kelly Yeomans  144# (30-06)


 Finis Page 6 Point (.270)


 Ted Rush 4 point (.280)


 'Cuz' Parker 3 point


 Dan Smith 5 point


 Christy Page Opening Evening 8 point


 Uncle George Opening Morning 8 point


 Dani with a morning and afternoon pig


 Ira Page Double Header, Doe and a pig


 Dan Smith with a Wednesday rooter and Thursday Doe


 Uncle George First Pig with a crossbow


 Mitch Smith Draws First Blood with an Archery Spike 9-18-2010

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