Dan Smith
Ira Page
David Whitfield
Jamee Townsend
Luis Oliver
Rob Townsend
Ted Rush
Uncle George
Kindra Bryant
Mr. Parker

 Big Buck Contest  WINNER Ira Page  (8 point)                                
 Big Boar Contest  WINNER  Cuz Parker (206#)                                



 Cuz Parker 4 point  Jan 17 -2010 11:20 am .270


 Rob Townsend 8 point 11-29-09 6:50 AM .338 Win Mag   150#


 Dan Smith 8 point 11-28-09 5:40 PM 7MM-08   150#


 Jamee Townsend "First Deer:" Spike 11-27-09 AM (241 YARDS) with .243


 Kindra Bryant "First Deer" 11-26-09  PM with 22-250 (238 YARDS)


 Ira Page 8 point 11-26-09 5:30 PM 7MM Mag 138#  (285 Yard Perfect Shot !!)

Big Buck Leader !!


 Mitch Smith Spike 11-26-09 AM .223 90#


 Dan Smith's 6 point 11-25-09 7:30 am with 25-06AI  142#


 Uncle George's 4 point 11-15-09 PM with his 30-06


 Dan Smith's 8 point 11-14-09 7:32AM with a 25-06AI  110#


 David Whitfields 3 pt 11-14-09 PM  with a .270


 Jim Smith 168# Boar Hog



Lauren 'Sniper' Page. 150# Boar Hog (Between the eyes @ 205 YARDS)


 Mike Thompson taken with .243



 Richard 'Cuz' Parker 206# Boar hog with his .270

Big pig Leader !!            

 Dave Whitfield with another hog from his .270

 Jeff Taylor 160# Boar with 7MM WSM and 140grain accubond.                              

 Bailey Archambo with his first pig.106# with a .280


 Emily's First Pig 112 yards with 7mm-08


 Dave Whitfield 12-11-09 with .270


 Rob Townsend 222 Yard Shot with the .338 WinMag (CANNON)


 Miscellaneous Stuff

Bunnie (The blood trailer) has been BUSY !!                          

 Kelly Yeoman's with 30-06


 Steven Salter .270 (guest)


 Aristides Delgado (Guest) With .270


 Heston Braddock (Guest) with 22-250


 Finis Page's Gobbler with .223


 Christy Page Killed with 7MM Magnum!! A girl shooting a 7 mag ?? WOW


 Erik (Guest) Killed a 205# Boar with his Mini-30


 Mike Smith (Guest) First Hog 7mm-08

Jim Smith TWO IN ONE SHOT 80grain Barnes TTSX from his .243                              
 Mitch Smith And Addy Smith with a Gobbler Each..                              

 David Roberts with a Dip-N-Vat bird.                              

 Mitch Smith - Again !!


 Finis Page's Gobbler


 Luis Oliver with a Dip-N-Vat Gobbler


 Dan Smith's Spike 11-06-09 4:20 PM


 Ted Rush 8 pt. 11-06-09 4:40 PM


 Mr. Parker 5pt 11-05-09 9:30AM


 Ted Rush with a pair


  Dan Smith with a 140# Boar


 Luis Oliver. 6 pt with Bow .... during blackpowder season

 Jed and Luis Double up on the hogs.                                
 Mike Thompson - first Bow Kill !! with his PSE.                                

 Ira Page With a Doe AND A Hog with his Diamond Bow

Dan Smith Harvested a Doe and a Rooter with his Ben Pearson Bow                                
Rob Townsend Brings home some Bacon on his first trip to camp.                                

 Luis Oliver gets ANOTHER a Doe with his Matthews Bow.


 Luis Oliver gets a Doe with his Matthews Bow.


 Ira Page And Luis Oliver with opening weekend game harvests


 Lauren Page Gets her first archery Kill




 Breonna Smith BobCat .223


Brinkley Yeomans First Hog. 80# .223


 Kelly Yeoman's First Hog. 125# Sow. with .243


 Jeff Taylor and Dan Smith - 2 shots = 3 hogs 7MM

   Info Pictures Game Members Rules Maps The Camp @ 2010

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