Working Around Camp, Making it huntable for everyone.
Skinning Rack relocation project. 
2014 / 2015 Season Prep Work Day
  2013/2014 September 1st Season Prep / Workday
Who STUCK the Tractor Kenny looks GUILTY

 Great work, when the tractors moving !

2012 /2013 April 27th Workday.
2010 Has started out as a trying year. Our new friend has caused us pains of a new kind. Yogi, Smokey, Gentle Ben.. Whatever you choose to call him, he has cost us a lot of time and effort. Thank You to all who have contributed.
2010 /2011 March Workday.

The 2009 / 2010 Work day was a wonderful  success. THANK YOU to all who participated. There was a lot of pre work day preparation and fabrication that took place at the camp. Most of the panels were pre-built and ready for field assembly.

2009 /2010 March Workday.

Pictures of the Pre-Fab




The SuperVisor

Some Started TOO Early

Prefab Panels

Crackin the whip

Lets Get Started   Making Progress



OK Lets move em' to the field!

Setting Poles

Erecting Frames


Thats three new stands in one weekend

The View





Thank You guys- GREAT Work. Lets EAT!!!












After a couple of hard days work, nothing quite like a seafood boil! Everyone pitched in $10 and we feasted on crab legs, boiled shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes and fresh game from the property! Then, a little pickin and grinning. Thank you again for the contributions, I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.









 Feeder Maintenance        

Fixing a gate








Installing a new feeder





Keeping them full