HERE are a few links to places I like to refer to as "Friends of the Family"

  1. The Lone Eagle Lodge, Where I spend most of my free time!

  2. Tall Pines Hunting Club in South Carolina. Ira, Lauren and I were fortunate enough to be guests at Tall Pines and given the opportunity to harvest a few deer. We had a Wonderful trip and hope to get to return. (Pictures here)

  3. Looking for a place to hunt in Florida Try Southern Hunting Land .com

  4. I know you need to buy ammo for your hunt...ammoforsale.com

  5. Woods and Water Magazine. Buy a copy and get the feed times.

  6. Florida Game And Fish.- Buy a license online, or check season dates.

  7. Need a new Bow or some Arrows? Try Arrow Head Archery products

  8. Shooting Links - the Good Stuff

    The DeerContest. another website I admin for a few friends of mine.








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